Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

I’m a 25 year old who doesn’t know when to stop buying books, to be frank.  I love a variety of genres: mystery, thriller, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction (to name a quick few).  I’m also currently in my third year studying Law, with an avid interest in Family Law and human rights. As of 2021, I’m a Waterstones bookseller and absolutely love sharing my bookish passions with bookworms and helping them find their next favourite read.

I started idealpages in 2018, after numerous attempts at blogging, probably since 2015.  I started out – wait for it – with a beauty blog! The total opposite of books, right? I’ve always been passionate about books, but as a young adult, I felt beauty was what people wanted to read about through popular culture.  I decided to finally post about what I really wanted to post about: my current reads, what I thought about said reads, and join the virtual discussion about all things books.

My love for reading came from my mum reading to me all through my childhood, and enjoying the escapism it provided from real life. I’ve pretty much inhaled books ever since I could read with my own two eyes.

I mainly read physical books, with the odd ebook version here or there.  I joined Netgalley in January 2019, Edelweiss+ in March 2019, and have reviewed books in exchange for honest reviews (my posts will state which of my reads are an arc of this kind).

Aside from my blog, I always post my book reviews on goodreads (username @idealpages). I use goodreads pretty much everyday, it’s the only way I can keep on top of what I want to read, and in amongst it all share my reviews too. When possible, I also post my book reviews on websites like Amazon and Waterstones to help other readers pick up their next exciting read.

If you want to stir up a discussion on books, and are like me, that has an ever growing TBR pile that will probably collapse on me at some point, drop me a message or follow me on instagram and twitter, and we’ll have a little chat:

Instagram: @idealpages
Twitter: @idealpages

When I’m not reading, studying or working, I spend my time with my lovely puppy, or out and about with my mum, because they mean the world to me. ๐Ÿ™‚