Review: Threadneedle by Cari Thomas

Anna’s Aunt has always warned her of the dangers of magic. Its twists. Its knots. Its deadly consequences.

Now Anna counts down the days to the ceremony that will bind her magic forever.

Until she meets Effie and Attis.

They open her eyes to a London she never knew existed. A shop that sells memories. A secret library where the librarian feeds off words. A club where revellers lose themselves in a haze of spells.

But as she is swept deeper into this world, Anna begins to wonder if her Aunt was right all along.

Is her magic a gift … or a curse?

Imagine a combination of The Craft, AHS Coven, Sabrina, Practical Magic and Charmed, and you’ll have an inkling of what a treat this is. It’s got a little bit of everything – magic, mystery and a little bit of mischief.

Set in modern day London, the story follows Anna Everdell who lives with her controlling and domineering aunt, who believes magic leads to nothing but doom. It’s her aunt’s intention to have Anna’s magic bound in order to prevent public exposure, but when the opportunity to join a coven and explore her magic presents itself, Anna cannot resist. Threadneedle spins a tale of witchcraft amongst the turbulence of high school antics and buried family secrets.

Despite it being a slow starter and taking its time to get me invested, Threadneedle is one of those books that lingered in my mind and I found I was missing its world and characters long after finishing. 

The tale of a teenage coven set in high school was gripping and scandalous. We have the classic antics of student rivalries, catty gossip, social outcasts and peer pressure. But mix all of that with a little bit of magic? Well, that’s when the fun and disasters begins!

In a world of casting spells as simple as pouring wine, to getting revenge, to then enchanting magical trinkets like a comb that sorts hair perfectly, and visiting a living library full of books that eat hair and so much more, it was so impressive how lusciously drawn it was. I really enjoyed this world and I’m desperate for more. 

The troupe of characters that make up the Coven of the Dark Moon were likeable and all have the potential for decent character development as the series goes forward. There’s the shy and sensible Anna, the daring and defiant Effie, the loud and bubbly Rowan and the quiet and anxious Miranda. It was fun to see the group of girls grow closer, and it feels like it could really progress into a sisterhood. 

And, the romance. Oooooh yes it’s here and it’s very enticing and daunting. I’m afraid we’re all in for a likely sordid and addictive love triangle, and as much as I usually don’t have the patience for them, what Thomas has set up has me very curious on where it’ll lead.

It’s an excellent debut and series starter. It might even be in my favourite reads of 2021. I was thoroughly spellbound by the climax, I didn’t see the ultimate twist coming and I’m really excited for the sequel. It’s clear there’s a lot of history to be uncovered and there’s more magic and covens to discover. Honestly I’m like a kid at Christmas excited for what this series could deliver from a fantastic new voice in YA fantasy. 

Thank you kindly to Harper Voyager and Netgalley for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for this honest review.

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