March Bookish Wrap Up

Spring has bloomed! Well, at least the calendar says so, the weather in the UK doesn’t appear to be catching on just yet. It’s still really cold, wet and grey. No blooms in the garden yet, but daffodils are in no short supply in the supermarkets. I also got my first dose of the Covid vaccine! I did have some side effects for a few weeks, but no pain no gain as they say!

Onto the book stuff. We got the Women’s Prize longlist a few days after International Women’s Day. I was very pleased to see The Vanishing Half on the list, and excited read the other nominees in the coming months. We also got the title and cover reveal of the final Aurora Cycle book; Aurora’s End!

I read 12 books in March; 2 physical copies, 4 e-books and 6 audiobooks. Two of the twelve were in my top 10 most anticipated reads this year (and thankfully, they didn’t disappoint)! The books and my ratings are:

Malibu Rising ★★★★★

The Beautiful Ones ★★★★★

Cemetery Boys ★★★★★

The Road Trip ★★★★☆

The Glass House ★★★★☆

The Metal Heart ★★★★☆

The Hatmakers ★★★★☆

The Wife Upstairs ★★★★☆

The Thursday Murder Club ★★★☆☆

Tall Bones ★★★☆☆

The Vanishing Stair ★★★☆☆

The Hand on the Wall ★★★☆☆

My favourite book was HANDS DOWN Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins-Reid. In actual fact, it is in my favourite reads ever, I truly adored the story. I really related to a lot of the content so found it very stirring and put words to thoughts and feelings I’ve had that I just could never articulate myself. I’ve preordered myself the Goldsboro Books special edition, since it’s a story will I cherish for years to come.

I also have to talk about Cemetery Boys. What an incredibly fun yet meaningful story. Honestly, sometimes books get such hype, but I really feel Cemetery Boys exceeded it. I think Aiden Thomas wrote incredible trans representation, with this immersive fantasy/mystery. It was brilliant and I want allllll the merch for it!

Moreno Garcia’s The Beautiful Ones was also great. Whilst I felt it didn’t deliver major fantasy elements, once I got over that and realised it was basically a historical romance, I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the main characters is one of the most fascinating villainous characters I’ve read in a long, long time. If you loved Bridgerton or Dangerous Liaisons, then you should check this out. It’s made sure Moreno Garcia is an author I’ll never miss.

The Road Trip was interesting. It’s definitely different from O’Leary previous stories, The Flatshare and The Switch, and whilst I had issues with it (namely the alternating timelines and weaker characterisation), I still really enjoyed it. It certainly kept me hooked, I practically read it in one sitting! Flew through it in 5 hours.

I hauled quite a number of books this month.

• We Begin at the End

• The Burning Girls

• The Survivors

• The Prophets

• The Shadow in the Glass

• The Midnight Bargain

• The Book of Longings

• The Sanitorium

• Firekeeper’s Daughter

• The Last House on Needless Street

• A Net for Small Fishes

The amount of chatter about Firekeeper’s Daughter and The Last House on Needless Street has me so curious and so excited! They’re both all over bookstagram and book chats, so I’ll be trying to read them soon to see what they’re all about!

I was very kindly granted access to some exciting e-ARCs via Netgalley in March too. I was approved for The Road Trip and The Beautiful Ones by Quercus Books, For the Wolf and The Jasmine Throne by Orbit Books UK, and Songbirds by Manilla Press. I’m really, really looking forward to devouring these (I’m currently half way through For the Wolf!), my eternal thanks to these publishers for allowing me e-ARCs in exchange for honest reviews.

And that’s my wrap up bookfriends! I hope you all had a good reading month (and a good month in general). See you all next month!

Thanks for reading!

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