My 2020 Top 10 Books

Hey all! It appears I’m posting mine a few days later than everyone else, but better late than never, right?! Here’s my top reads of 2020! 🥰📚

So, where to begin?! Well, I’ll be here all day if I explained why I loved them all, so I’ll give brief highlights!

The first book in this stack I read was Tweet Cute. One of the most mushy lovely books I have ever read, and is genuinely a feel good read if you’re ever in need of a funny pick me up read.

The most surprising book to blow me away in 2020 was Mexican Gothic. I LOVED this book. It oozed gothic elegance and continues to grip me whenever I think back on it.

I listened to the audiobook of The Familiars and it’s my favourite so far (not counting the Illuminae Files as they are a different experience altogether). The story and its narrator, Katie Sobey, was so vivid that I was in a book hangover for days afterward.

I also discovered one of the most wonderful series perfect for bookworms: Pages & Co. These books are just magic and a delight to read. The 3rd one has been my favourite adventure to date (I can’t wait for the next three books!)

I read The Once and Future Witches during my father’s ill health/passing, and it gave me the feeling of sisterhood and support that I really needed. It’s a special book.

The Midnight Library is another special book; life affirming, good for the soul and a genuinely good story.

Miracle on Ebenezer St is a book of sheer wonder and so festive – I even shed some tears with this one!

The Vanishing Half? Worth ALL the hype.

The Corset and The Devil and the Dark Water were stand out mysteries for me. I’ll never, ever forget the story of Ruth Butterham, and I really loved the satanic roots of TDATDW.

Lastly, but by no means least, I discovered my favourite book of all time: Get A Life, Chloe Brown. This book spoke to me on such a personal level, that by the end, all I could do was hug the book. I felt understood and respected by how well the author conveyed chronic pain/illness, and certainly made me feel accepted. I can’t get the words to do the book justice, just that I’m eternally grateful.

Have you read any of these? Let me know! 🥰

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