Crown of Feathers Inspired Must Haves & Gift Ideas

Hey bookworms!

I know all of you will understand what I’m about to write: I am obsessed with a book series, and that book series is Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto.  And like all obsessed people with particular series and fandoms, I’m craving everything and anything that can link to COF.  Hence this post! I wanted to share some of the cool, beautiful items I’ve found, in case any other #PhoenixRiders out there want to grab em!


Harry Potter’s Fawkes Collector’s Plushie

This fiery plush is Fawkes from Harry Potter, but he is now also Rex from COF. I was given him as a gift and I absolutely LOVE him! In fact, he’s probably the inspiration for this post, and also to blame for me wanting to seek out more goodies. I was super impressed with the quality of the plush, as his feet and tail contain stability wiring so you can stand the plush upright without any kind of support. And, even better, you can move and manipulate the wire to pose Fawkes/Rex at certain angles! So instagrammable, right?


Click here for Fawkes Harry Potter Collector’s Edition Plush


The COF Candles by Flickerwix



I have to include these on the list because they’re actually Crown of Feathers inspired candles! Yes, you may proceed to freak out if you didn’t know about them already. There are four available to choose from: Crown of Feathers, Tristan, Veronyka and Xephyra. I wish the shipping to the UK wasn’t so heartbreaking, but I know American Phoenix Riders will super appreciate these!

Click here to buy Flickerwix COF candles


“Phoenix Egg” aka Gemstone Eggs

If you’re a crystal lover, you’re definitely going to love this idea. I’ve championed crystals since my mum introduced me to them as a child, so I couldn’t quite believe I didn’t think of this sooner, especially when I have a blackish/greyish egg myself.   If you buy or gift a crystal in the shape of an egg, and stoneish in colour, it’ll be like you’ve discovered your very own Phoenix Egg like Val and Veronyka do in the opening chapters of Crown of Feathers. And with a little stand, you can display it next to your growing COF appreciation shelf for bookstagrammable snaps, or get lost in a daydream that maybe one day it will hatch and you’ll have your very own bondmate.The links below are just examples, but I’m sure you’d be able to find one closer to home.

Click here to see “Phoenix Egg” aka Gemstone Egg on Etsy

Click here to see “Phoenix Egg” aka Gemstone Eggs (from photo)


Fawkes Pop!

Admittedly, instagram has inspired this choice because I’ve seen the Fawkes Funko Pop! being regularly used as a prop in many Crown of Feathers / Heart of Flames snaps. I mean, just look at it and you can see why. It’s a great gift that would fit right in on any bookcase or shelf with COF or Harry Potter.

Click here to see Fawkes Funko Pop!


Loungefly Fawkes Backpack from SDCC19 and Barnes & Noble

Loungefly make the most beautiful bags, and in 2019 they made one inspired by Fawkes from Harry Potter for San Diego Comic Con and Barnes and Noble exclusively. Although it’s now sold out on Barnes & Nobles website, it could still be available in your local store. And it is available on other websites, some of which do ship to the UK for a hefty amount of £££. But if you can afford that, and love it enough, the point is it’s still available online to get.

Click here to see Loungefly Fawkes backpack from SDCC19 and  Barnes&Noble


Phoenix Pins by @Anadiachan on Etsy:


I’m pretty sure it was Nicki Pau Preto who pointed this out to me, and the phoenix pin is one of many available on the likes of Etsy, but I absolutely loved this ones colours and details. And, even better, @Anadiachan offers a darker version with blacks and blues that could maybe channel the evil Strixes mentioned in Crown of Feathers folklore!

Click here to see Phoenix Pins by @Anadiachan on Etsy


I Heart Revolution Cinnamon Chocolate Palette Eyeshadow / I Heart Revolution Sprinkles Chocolate Palette:


There’s so many beauty brands out there that get good names for their price, quality and so on, however, I’m not a massive eyeshadow wearer, so my choices might appear amature, but that’s the reasons why.  Plus they’re reasonably priced for the purpose of why they’re included on my list. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to do it (because I suck at make-up), but with the right eyeshadow palette, you could wear your love for Crown of Feathers, Phoenix Riders and our Fiery Friends by replicating a phoenix and flames look! I believe this brand is available outside of the UK as well, and they offer a huuuuuuge variety of eyeshadow palettes. After looking through their list, I felt these two palettes were the best for offering reds/oranges/yellows/purples all in one palette. *I think* the Cinnamon one is matte finish, and the Sprinkles one is glitter finish *I think*, so you’ve got options.

Click here for I Heart Revolution Cinnamon Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

Click here for I Heart Revolution Sprinkles Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette


Lush Brightside bubble bar / Lush Geode Bath Bomb:img_8662

Sticking with beauty for the moment, I had to include these bathtime goodies, because a lot of bookworms read in the bath! They aren’t chosen because they cleverly connect to COF’s story in any great way, it’s purely because of their colours and Geode’s rocky appearance.  Brightside bubble bar has all the colours of flames and male phoenix feathers, and smells beautiful. It’s joyously citrus (I have personally used this before and it brought an instanteous smile to my face) which is the point; the essential oils are meant to be uplighting and rejuviating *cough* one could say raising your mood like a phoenix from the ashes *cough*.  As for my other choice, Geode bath bomb, I haven’t actually used this one, but I do know the water turns a beautiful shimmery gold and it’s meant to be relaxing as well as uplifting.

Click here to see Lush’s Brightside Bubble Bar

Click here to see Lush’s Geode Bath Bomb


COF inspired candle by firecreations:


Once again, Nicki Pau Preto brought this to my attention as the creator of this Crown of Feathers inspired candle is offering a special discount on “Phoenix Rider” to those who have preordered Heart of Flames! I’ve already scooped up my candle, and I can’t wait to smell it. But be quick, the discount is only available until 11/02/20 – the day Heart of Flames publishes. Don’t miss out!

Click here to see COF inspired candle by firecreations


‘Not All Battles Are Fought with Ax and Arrow’ bookmark by Bibliophile Prints:


An item that is directly inspired by Crown of Feathers! And it’s design is so fiery. This bookmark – with the wise words of our beloved Trix – will fit right in with your copies of Crown of Feathers and Heart of Flames.

Click here to see ‘Not All Battles Are Fought with Ax and Arrow’ bookmark


Owlcrate Exclusive Special Editions of Crown of Feathers and Heart of Flamesimg_8656

An absolute must have whilst it’s still available! Owlcrate have made a special edition of the sequel to Crown of Feathers – Heart of Flames – and it’s on sale now! Owlcrate originally included a special edition version of Crown of Feathers in their February 2019 box, which really is stunning. And their special edition version of the upcoming sequel is just as eyecatching. They’ve changed some colours of the book cover’s original colours, and it has beautiful sprayed edges. AND they’re even including an exclusive, collectable pin. Don’t miss out!

Click here to buy Owlcrate’s special edition of Heart of Flames


Fawkes Pop! Keychain:


Perfect for those who love the Fawkes Pop! but would love to take their fiery phoenix companion out and about with them. Clip Fawkes onto your keys or bag to show off your phoenix love!

Click here to see Fawkes Funko Keychain


Fawkes Wing Scarf



This is a very hard to find item as its been discontinued (in the UK at least), but it’s still lurking about the internet for those who see it and really want to pay the price for it. Be warned though, I have seen a lot of reviews saying the scarf is of really thin quality, so maybe it would be better as a display on a wall/bookcase shelf!

Click here to see Fawkes Wings Scarf


“Phoenix Pyre” candle by TimelessprintsCA

This is a limited time available candle – until the end of February 2020. Another directly inspired Crown of Feathers candle, this one is set to stand out in the unique factor because it’s COLOUR CHANGING! As the candle burns down, the candle will burn colours to honour Xephyra’s red and purple plumage, and then red and yellow colours to honour Rex’s plumage! It’s an absolute necessity for any candle lovers and fans of our feathered friends! This candle is only available until the end of February 2020.

Click here to see “Phoenix Pyre” colour changing candle


‘Living in a fantasy world’ bookmark by Bookbookowl:img_8843

I recently discovered the brilliant @bookbookowl per bookstagram, and I am super, super obsessed with Jen’s bookmarks. I ended up placing a massive order at the end of January because I love the designs, the quality of the bookmarks etc. I really hope Jen will make a Crown of Feathers inspired bookmark in the future, but for now, I’ll have to settle on this beautiful design! I had to include it in this list because despite it not relating to COF in any direct way, the feather design has phoenix feather vibes and the quote ‘Living in Fictional Worlds’ definitely links to how I’m also obsessed with the Golden Empire!

Click here to see ‘Living in Fictional Worlds’ bookmark by bookbookowl


Crown of Feathers playlist 



And last, and least expensive (other than time consuming perhaps!), a Crown of Feathers Playlist! Maybe make your own playlist to help process reading COF and HOF, and if you need inspiration, you can click here to see mine and read my inspirations for the songs! chosen.


Annnnnd I have to include the one below, and even though it doesn’t appear to be available anymore, it blew my mind and made my phoenix loving heart swell when I saw it.

Phoenix Dreamcatcher (currently unavailable)

A Phoenix dreamcatcher!! Xephyra comes to LIFE! I’m assuming you can clearly understand how I couldn’t NOT include this, just to show off its epic beauty, even though it is not readily available to buy, if available AT ALL!

Click here to see Phoenix Dreamcatcher



So, did you see anything on this list that you HAVE to get? Or already have? Let me know in the comments below!


Thanks for reading!

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