Crown of Feathers Playlist

Warning: after the image below, this post contains spoilers for Crown of Feathers.

Click here to see the Crown of Feathers Playlist (and avoid the spoilers below!)

Hey bookworms!

On Tuesday, I was preparing to get some items in the Illumicrate past items sale, and put on some music on to help calm my nerves (if you’ve ever tried to get bookish sale items, I’m going on the assumption that you’ll fully understand why I needed music to calm the heck down ha!)

And so, when a particular song came on, I was struck by how fitting it related to a particular scene in the upcoming sequel, Heart of Flames – which maaaay or may not feature in another upcoming post *winks*. I then found myself going down the rabbit hole of compiling other songs that I think fit quite well with the first instalment too. I’ve been participating in the #PhoenixRidersReadathon so I’ve recently been rereading Crown of Feathers (which helped a great deal because the story and the characters were all so fresh in my mind once more).

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1. Diamonds – Rihanna (Xephyra’s birth and Veronyka’s dreams becoming a reality)

2. I Want It All – Queen (the sisters actions to survive hiding and Val’s personality)

3. Trust Nobody – D4 (Val’s character i.e. her attitude toward life)

4. Mercy – Shawn Mendes (Veronyka scared of Val’s temper and reactions)

5. Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? – The Lovin’ Spoonful (Veronyka caught between Val or Xephyra in chapter 6)

6. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift (Val and Veronyka after Xephyra’s murder)

7. Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac (Veronyka leaving Val; more for when Veronyka felt heartbroken and suffocated)

8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day (Veronyka grieving Xephyra and her lost dreams, and her travelling across Pyre)

9. Blow Me – P!nk (Veronyka leaving Val; more for when Veronyka felt hatred and anger)

10. Rise – Katy Perry (All of the characters getting up again / also links to phoenixes rising from their ashes)

11. I See Fire – Ed Sheeran (links to the old Phoenix Riders going down in glorious flames and Tristan’s opening chapter with his phobia)

12. Under Pressure – Queen (Sev being blackmailed by Trix to join her rebellion plan)

13. Don’t Forget About Me – CLOVES (Veronyka and Xephyra separated; with Veronyka believing Xephyra dead)

14. Bird Set Free – Sia (Veronyka coming into her own)

15. Human – Rag’n’Bone Man (Sev being defensive about his actions of not openly standing with his fellow animages)

16. Uprising – Muse (about fighting back and breaking from control; can relate to Veronyka and Val, or Avalkyra Ashfire’s rebellion or the planned uprising lead by Trix – also Tristan’s later defiance of his father’s orders and leading the defence of the Battle of the Eyrie nearer the climax)

17. Speed of Sound – Coldplay (Tristan wanting to achieve his goal of Master Rider)

18. Demons – Imagine Dragons (Tristan’s fiery personality and fire phobia)

19. Heathens – Twenty One Pilots (links to the Phoenix Riders lives because they’re outlawed and in hiding ~ also goes for the existence of animages being illegal)

20. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell (a song for the depth of the meaning of what bondmates means; nothing can get between them and they’ll always be there for each other)

21. Confident – Demi Lovato (Tristan and Nyk training)

22. Warrior – Demi Lovato (Tristan and Nyk building their mental houses)

23. Listen – Beyonce (Tristan on how he feels about his father)

24. Stand By Me – Florence and the Machine (Sev returning from his escape attempt and not abandoning Kade and Trix’s mission; Tristan leaning on Nyk because he helped him with his fears, and Tristan promising to sponsor Nyk in return)

25. Gift of a friend – Demi Lovato (I know, I know, cheesy for some, but I think it’s really fitting for the Phoenix Riders bonds with their phoenixes)

26. Love On The Brain – Rihanna (Sev and Kade’s and Veristan’s blossoming relationships and all the confusion involved i.e. Sev thinking Kade hates him and wants him to like him back, and Tristan confused about having such strong feelings for Nyk, and Veronyka becoming aware of liking Tristan right back)

27. Freedom – Beyonce (about the female phoenixes being locked up)

28. Get Free – Major Lazer (another song for the locked up female phoenixes)

29. Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift (Val’s actions and behaviour)

30. You Don’t Own Me – Grace (Veronyka standing firm that Val does not control her any longer)

31. Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (Trix not giving a damn about blackmailing Sev & the bondservants planning their rebellion)

32. Holding Out For A Hero – Van Canto (Sev stepping up to the mark and actually wanting to help the cause)

33. Battle Cry – Imagine Dragons (the Battle of the Eyrie)

34. It’s Nice To Have A Friend – Taylor Swift (suitable for both COF and HOF, Sparrow and Chirp, Sparrow and her group of animal friends, Veristan, Kade and Sev and also bondmates)

35. Glorious – Macklemore and Skylar Grey (Avalkyra’s resurrection)


And that’s my COF playlist! I’ve tried to sort the playlist in a way that attempts to reflect the way COF develops and unfolds, so it actually feels like a musical reflection of the storyline and characters timeline – except for Sev’s introduction, I didn’t want his song to get lost in the flowing narrative of Veronyka’s really intense opening chapters.

I hope you like my choices, or at the very least, can understand them. And if you have your own playlist, please share it below!

It’s now less than THREE weeks until Heart of Flames is released, and I’m really beginning to feel the anticipation. Nicki Pau Preto ran an international HOF preorder campaign, which ran out of goodies within 24 hours! Nicki didn’t expect the preorder incentive to be met with such excitement, she thought the goodies would last at least for a few weeks! So that’s AMAZING news for Nicki (especially when she funded the whole campaign from her own funds!) – congratulations Nicki, I’m so happy for you because it’s truly well deserved.

You can still preorder Heart of Flames! Click here to preorder it from Book Depository.

Thanks for reading!


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