Feminist Book Fortnight

It’s less than 72 hours until Feminist Book Fortnight folks! This event commences on Saturday 16th of June up to the 30th of June. For further information, visit the Feminist Book Fortnight website.

During this fortnight, those who take part commit to reading and learning about all things feminism. I’m rather excited to take part, as the books I’ve selected have me really intrigued.

My Feminist Book Fortnight selections are:

Bad Feminist – Roxanne Gay

Photo credit: Washington Times (2014)

Inferior – Angela Saini

Photo credit: The Independent (2017)

Women and Power – Mary Beard

jacket, Women & Power
Photo credit: Blackwells

F-Bomb – Lauren McKeon

Image result for f bomb lauren mckeon
Photo credit: Google Books

I know I’m going to start with McKeon’s ‘F-Bomb’ and then I’ll take it from there.  Recently, I’ve read The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir and The Lolita Effect by M.G. Durham.  Both books are feminist studies which are interesting reads.  The Second Sex explores the existential history of women, and The Lolita Effect examines young girls and popular culture.

If anyone reading this post wishes to take part, and needs some inspiration or have read the books I’ve chosen, below are other books that I considered for feminist fortnight:

  • Bitch Doctrine – Laurie Penny
  • Rise Up Women! – Diane Atkinson
  • Nasty Women – collection of essays published by 404 Ink
  • Your Silence Won’t Protect You – Audre Lourd
  • The War on Women – Sue Lloyd-Roberts
  • The Hidden Face of Eve – Nawal El Saadawi
  • Why Women Will Save the Planet – Friends of the Earth
  • We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I do intend on reading the majority of these books at some point or another. A wide plethora of women’s issues and perspectives, in my opinion, is necessary to fully understand and appreciate different issues all women experience, so we can effectively challenge them. I believe this is what is referred to as ‘intersectional feminism’.

I would also like to the address my book choices, that are all authored by women. Whilst I do agree feminism should largely be assessed from a gynocentric perspective, I actually do consider it important to read work by men, to see what their take on it all is. Because, of course, the larger support there is for feminism, the quicker (in theory) we should be able to achieve equality. Although, I am aware there are men out there who believe feminism to be a bunch of hocus pocus, and not just at that, but a collective of “nutters” who want men to be annihilated. Likewise, there are women out there who who believe feminism to be cult-like, therefore they denounce it. “Psychos who burn bras and would have men as unics” is something a woman tweeted.

It’s outlooks like this that illuminate how important it is, to encourage as many people as possible, to take part in Feminist Book Fortnight.  Even if everyone just reads one book, it counts.  So, if anyone has any suggestions of other great feminist works – by either man or woman – drop a comment, and I’ll add them to my ‘want to read’ list.

Enjoy your fortnight!


Thanks for reading!


Wishing peace and positivity your way…

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