Crystal Study Aid: Quartz and Fluorite Necklace

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve loved crystals. My mother would take me to a tiny hidden treasure of a shop in the city, which offered a selection of gemstones and spiritual items.  Recently I’ve become increasingly reliant on the power of crystal healing, so, a while ago, I created my first ever gemstone necklace, to aid my memory for college exams and studies.

The two gemstones I’ve used in this design are Fluorite and Clear Quartz:

Fluorite properties are considered to help memory and diffuse stress and negativity.  It improves wearers organisation methods which contributes to learning and well-being, as people organise information and their lives more efficiently.  It also aids arthritis and rheumatism.

Clear quartz contributes to overall harmony and it cleanses other gemstones which is great. It helps memory by improving concentration and contributes to increasing energy.

These short descriptions on the both stones properties are based on information from Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible – which you can view here.

The sense of pride I feel every time I look at it is deeply gratifying. I felt rather silly when I ordered the beads and cord a couple of weeks ago, as if I was in over my head. ‘Don’t be silly,’ I said to myself. ‘Just search online for something like you imagine, you’ll not be able to do it.’

Yet, here I am, with a gorgeous new necklace with meaning. I’ve got no doubt it will provide solace during my studies, and will help me power on to achieve everything I need to before the academic term is out. The necklace was completely hand-knotted, which took just over 4 hours to create (no breaks in between either!)

I’ve already got some other ideas and designs flowing through my mind… I can’t wait until life calms down a little, and I can focus on more creations. It just goes to show you – have faith in yourself that you can achieve something, and if you put your mind to it, you just might achieve that goal and more!




Thanks for reading!

Wishing peace and positivity your way.

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