Review: Legally Blonde The Musical

What a phenomenal musical!

On Saturday I saw Legally Blonde The Musical for the first time and it was fantastic.  The show remains true to the story, and adapts scenes from the movie extremely well, so much so, the musical simply flowed from scene to scene.  Although, the musical included original touches, like a choir of Greek goddesses in Elle’s mind (channeling Disney’s Hercules goddesses).  Something else that I found enjoyable was the relationship development between Elle and Emmett.  The musical illustrated a realistic development of them becoming friends, and it develops into the couple we all love, which was a sweet touch.  Also, I particularly enjoyed how the musical introduced and explained Brooke Windham’s circumstances – through the song ‘Whipped Into Shape’.

As well as this song, I would have to pick ‘Blood in the Water’, ‘Ireland’, and ‘Bend and Snap’ as my favourite songs. Although, all of the songs were incredible, and it was really hard to choose those as extra special.  At the end of the show I bought the soundtrack because of how much I loved the music.


The cast really captured the characters as well.  I was rather anxious about this, especially when it was announced that the character of Emmett would be played by the understudy Michael Hamway in my viewing of the show.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by his performance – even though he almost had a mishap with the Chihuahua licking his nose!  Lucie Jones played the part of Elle (you may know her from singing in the 2017 Eurovision contest for the UK).  She captured the energetic and hopeless romantic that we know Elle Woods to be, and her singing was wonderful.  Rita Simons was excellent as Paulette, as was Bill Ward as Professor Callahan.  Both are known actors in TV soaps, but they were fantastic choices for the roles as they were both good singers.  I told Bill as much, when I happened to see him walking down the street, shouting out from my car: “James! James! You were fantastic!”

Yes, unfortunately I used his deceased character’s name from Emmerdale. I had mind fog from the awesomeness that was Legally Blonde The Musical. It did, however, give my mother a good old laugh. Bill was very gracious and you wouldn’t have known I had just called him by an incorrect name.

The way in which the musical handled Professor Callahan hitting on Elle was clever. The musical had been so upbeat, and just like that, in the space of a second, a really serious and slightly uncomfortable atmosphere emerged from that scene. I actually didn’t think they’d be able to recover the joy that had died.  However, this was pretty naive of me considering how fabulous everything had been.  It was quickly revived through girl power and songs of encouragement.  The stage and set were great and so very colourful throughout.  From Elle’s Delta Nu home, starry night skies and the courtroom, there was changes happening left, right and centre. Massive, massive kudos to the people who work hard behind the scenes to ensure each show goes off without a hitch. Just one look at the show’s programme provides an insight to the amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes.  The costumes – all of Elle’s beautiful pink outfits! – were spot on.

The show lasted two and a half hours.  It was a sensational experience, I will definitely return to the theatre to see it on its next tour, and I thoroughly recommend everyone to do the same.  Until then, I will listen to my new soundtrack.


Thanks for reading!

This has been my first post returning to blogging after three years, so I hope you enjoyed my review.

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